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How to lose Belly Fat with Vanefist Neo?

How to lose belly fat quickly, tone the abdominal muscle belt and remove abdominal fat without a restrictive diet?

Having a flat and firm stomach is a threefold concern for health. If we avoid a few classic mistakes, this objective can be quickly achieved by following our 3 really effective methods for losing belly fat.

Why do you want to lose your belly?

Many men and women have a complex with their belly, which they find too bloated. A flat stomach is often a dream, but it is very difficult to achieve. It is important to know that a bulging belly can be caused by embarrassment, too much food in the daily routine or poor digestion. It does not have to be a fatality and here are some tips to help you lose your belly…

There are at least 4 reasons why you should tone up your abdominal muscles and firm up your tummy by losing those unsightly bulges:

A muscular abdomen guarantees optimal motor efficiency

The objective of performance is one of the reasons that motivate a sportsman to lose his belly. In fact, a flat stomach is the result of abdominal sheathing. A firm and toned muscular belt in the abdomen allows for an optimal transfer of energy, especially during jogging, but also during a fast walk or any other sporting action.
A flat and sheathed stomach thanks to toned abs favours energy transfer

Fighting a big, flabby belly promotes good general health

The health issue is also very present. Measuring waist circumference is the most relevant information to know one’s risk of mortality; it is even more reliable than the body mass index, i.e. the ratio between height and weight, which reveals an overall overweight. The most harmful fat to health is belly fat, the visceral fat that is attached to the organs in the abdominal cavity. Losing weight by having a flat stomach makes this bad fat disappear.
Abdominal fat is harmful to the health of both men and women

A flat stomach is considered more attractive these days

The dominant aesthetic concern today is that of thinness. This leads many people to build up their abdominal muscles. Having a big belly, being paunchy, is no longer part of today’s beauty criteria, neither for a man nor for a woman. In the past, it was a sign of affluence and social success. The classic representation of the notable man of the last century with a cigar and a big belly attests to this, but this idea has disappeared nowadays to make way for the image of the dynamic and muscular man and woman with an upright chest, a flat belly, a slim waist and toned abs.

The flat stomach is a major beauty criterion

Also specifically for women after a pregnancy, it is no longer acceptable to keep a distended belly with stretched and slackened abdominal muscles for a long time.
The following three strategies highlight what to avoid in order to flatten the stomach. In a hurry, it happens that steps are taken that are doomed to failure. They waste time and can even be dangerous for your health. We detail them below before presenting in the following paragraph the solutions that really work.

3 useless or dangerous methods to get a flat stomach

If you want to lose your belly without endangering your health, there are certain things you should not do. The following three behaviours are useless, counterproductive and even dangerous for losing fat:

There is no need to wear a sweat belt

You should not use a sweat belt. Wearing a sweat belt, wrongly called a flat belly belt, is not an effective solution for removing belly fat. This method of weight loss can even be catastrophic if you become dehydrated. A widely held belief is that wearing a sweat belt in combination with sports is an effective way to lose belly fat and unwanted bulges. The fact is that wearing a sweat belt while doing sports, even if the intensity is reduced, quickly causes significant sweating, and therefore significant water loss, but in no case localized fat loss. This efficiency is illusory.

An abdominal sweat belt, wrongly called a flat stomach belt, is totally ineffective because sweating does not make you lose weight, either in a particular area of the body, locally or in general. Not only is this practice useless but it can be very dangerous because the first physiological consequence of excessive sweating is dehydration. Losing 5 to 6% of the water stock triggers a feeling of extreme tiredness, strong headaches, an urge to vomit or numbness. A loss of 15% or more can lead to death!

You should not build up your stomach with weights

Overly massive abdominal muscles and intra-abdominal pressure lead to a large belly
You should not build up your belly by increasing its size. You need to know which abdominal muscles to build and how to build them in order to have a flat stomach and gain in tone, not volume. Depending on the method used, there is a risk of building up the stomach by increasing the volume of the superficial abdominal muscles. Muscle training of the abdominal muscles is very effective for a toned and sheathed abdomen but if the method used is concentric with very long series performed at a slow rhythm, and especially with loads, there is a risk of increasing the size of the muscle fibres and the connective tissue, and gaining mass is not the desired aim.

In the same way, using an electro-stimulation belt to build up the abs is not enough. So how do you build up your stomach? You should not ask yourself how many abs to do to lose belly fat, but rather which abs to train and above all how to train them. To build up muscle without gaining volume, you need to work in plyometrics, for example for the oblique abdominals, with spring times and short, dynamic movements, or in isometrics by doing ventral and costal sheathing exercises. In this way, the intra-abdominal pressure is reduced and a bulging belly is avoided. This type of exercise has little influence on the gain of muscle mass and is therefore closer to the goal of having a muscular and flat stomach.
The best exercise for losing belly fat is the sit-up, not the crunch or the sit-up, which increase intra-abdominal pressure and make the belly swell.

It is dangerous to take drugs to lose weight

It is absolutely necessary to avoid taking chemical drugs. There is no miracle product for losing weight by removing only fat. Even if natural food supplements can be used, the solution to lose weight is to reduce calorie intake and increase physical activity. This requires time and willpower. Sport and a healthy, balanced diet rich in fibre are the only really effective approach to losing belly fat.
There is no such thing as a drug that will make you fat-free and dry out completely. They cause you to lose water and many minerals, which can lead to low blood pressure and heart problems. Instead, opt for food supplements, such as hunger suppressants or fat burners.
So much for ineffective methods! In the following paragraph, let’s look at what really works, what you need to do to flatten your abdomen, from the sternum to the pubis, with particular attention to the lower abdomen, below the navel.

Really effective ways to lose belly fat

It is possible to lose fat and have a flat belly without too severe a diet by planning three methods in parallel that will act in synergy. First of all, take a good natural food supplement, such as Vanefist Neo,  to have a good ally.

Vanefist Neo Dietary Supplement

Toning the transverse abdominals, the natural belly girdle of men

The transverse abdominals are the most important muscles to build up.
The transversus abdominis is the deepest of the abdominal muscles. Its tonicity ensures the essential effort of maintaining the viscera and avoids having a swollen belly due to the internal pressure and the separation of the rectus abdominis. It is the natural abdominal belt of the man. Its tone must be maintained or strengthened to reduce the waistline and thus lose belly fat with some appropriate gymnastic exercises. Strengthening the transversus abdominis, the deep abdominal muscles, is a priority for getting and keeping a flat stomach. They are sometimes wrongly neglected in favour of the rectus abdominis when you want to get abs quickly and reshape your body, even though they are the basis for a firm and lasting abdomen. Muscling the transverse abdominis according to the principles of the Pilates method allows you to have a flat stomach because this muscle covers the entire abdomen in depth. It is particularly strengthened if the exercises are performed by combining contraction with a long, slow exhalation and relaxation with full inspiration.
Sheathing and toning exercises for the oblique abdominals complement the action of the transverse abdominis.

To completely lose the lower abdomen, the lower part of the rectus abdominis below the navel, also known as the lower abs, can be worked with the reverse crunch exercise.
The reverse crunch helps to lose the lower abdomen, below the navel, by strengthening the lower abdominal muscles. In the lying position, the legs are slowly lifted in a backward roll, while eliminating the lumbar arch and blowing deeply in order to keep the transverse abdominis contracted.

Practise a calorie-burning sport that activates the metabolism

It is necessary to do a calorie-burning sport. Sport is the most effective stimulator of the basic metabolism, regardless of the type of exercise you do. Choosing how hard to work and how to build up muscle by practising your favourite activity is essential to burn a maximum of calories at any age, but especially around the age of 50 as the menopause approaches.
To lose belly fat, skipping is the ideal sport. In addition to an adequate diet, skipping allows you to refine your figure in one week because many calories are burned and the muscles are toned without having gained volume. From the age of 50 for women, it is even a health reflex in the face of the hormonal disturbances of the menopause. With more muscle mass, the basal metabolic rate is higher because more energy is consumed to maintain the muscles. So you burn more calories, even at rest!
In addition, the action of jumping makes the tissues move, which helps to lose cellulite. With jumping rope you can count at least 7 sports to burn calories. In addition to burning fat, all these sports also have the advantage of causing an internal stirring of the intestines, which facilitates transit and thus contributes, together with fibre-rich foods and probiotics, to flattening a bloated belly.
Doing sport helps you to lose weight, particularly by de-stressing and reducing cortisol production, but this is not enough to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, you must not only do sport but also change your diet.

Eat less fat and more fibre, probiotics, ginger and lemon

The most important thing is to have a balanced diet. A balanced diet respects the ideal proportion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins but is free of the fast sugars and trans-fatty acids of ultra-processed industrial foods. It limits the production of excessive abdominal fat while regulating intestinal transit. Whatever the body distribution of fat, in men on the stomach, in women rather on the hips and thighs, the nutritional advice for losing weight is the same. When a muscle works, it does not make the neighbouring area slimmer, whether it is for the stomach, the buttocks, the hips or the thighs. The consequence is that losing weight locally, e.g. only on the stomach, is almost impossible. You can’t lose weight just where you want.

By exercising our muscles we make all the fatty tissue disappear and this in a very unequal way. The problem is the same when it comes to diet. A low-calorie diet does not act locally, yet a flat stomach diet does exist. In addition, the 7 pages of practical advice below reveal the simple and effective eating habits to acquire in order to lose fat all over the body, to have or find a flat stomach and to keep your figure while remaining in good health.

In summary, how to lose belly

To have a firm and flat stomach, you need to combine 3 actions: build up your deep abdominal muscles, do sports to burn calories and follow a low-calorie diet. You must also avoid 3 mistakes: wearing a sweat belt, building up your muscles and taking chemical drugs. On the other hand, appetite supplements or fat burners are generally recommended. However, they must be made from natural ingredients such as Vanefist Neo.

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